How do I change Reflect Client IP option?
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How do I change Reflect Client IP option?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS



Change the setting globally using the Management Console

  1. Go to Configuration > Proxy Settings > General > Reflect Client IP.
  2. Check or uncheck, as required, the Reflect the client's source IP when connecting to servers check box.
  3. Click Apply and OK.


Change the setting globally using the command line interface (CLI)

ProxySG> enable
ProxySG# conf t
ProxySG# (config) general
ProxySG# (config general) reflect-client-ip {enable | disable}


Change the Reflect Client IP setting for a specific subset of users using policy 

Create a custom rule In the Visual Policy Manager (VPM):

  1. Create or choose an existing Web Access Layer
  2. Create a new rule and add criteria to the Source and or Destination values to match the criteria you are looking for. 
  3. In the action value > Set > New > Reflect IP... > Select the response you prefer (Incoming Client IP as an example).



  • A VPM rule will override the globally set options. 
  • Reflecting the client IP address or not only impacts client-initiated traffic. Any requests spawned by the ProxySG appliance direct, (content filter or license updates, firmware downloads, etc) will always bear the appliance IP, regardless of the reflect client IP setting.
  • Network appliances such as firewalls and routers that exist between the ProxySG appliance and the Internet may require additional configuration when reflect client IP is enabled, as it's a standard practice to permit only the proxy's IP address to access the Internet.