How do I change log source folder in reporter?
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How do I change log source folder in reporter?


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How would I change log source folder in reporter?


Login to your FTP Server:

Using your FTP server UI find out where the the root directory, and where your access logs are stored.  For example, the files might stored in the D:ftpproxysg directory.

On the server go to root file name and create new folders and name folders. (You might use the the name of each proxy for the child folder names)

The reason being is that by creating  a subdirectory folder you can keep track of what access log came from what proxy.
Login to your Proxy(s) :  
In Management Console on your ProxySG, click on this sequence- Configuration/Access Logging/Logs/Upload Client - This is where the access logs are configured to upload their data to the FTP server.  Click on Setting and in Path enter name of subdirectory folder name.  Then OK and Apply changes.
(Follow the steps for all proxies that are sending their access logs to the FTP server, to be consumed by Reporter)
Login to Reporter:
In Reporter gui, login with your admin account, and click on this sequence-  Administration/General Settings/Log Sources-Database.
Choose the option of  “Stop Log Source” for the log source you want to change.
Once log source is unloaded, choose the Action, in the drop down menu of  “Set Location for Local File Source”.
In popup window make sure Directory path is correct and  Select/check the radio button of “Process Subdirectories” and Save.
In Actions select “Start Log Sources” and  then check folders for logs to see if they are being processed into the database.  If you are using the option of rename for the 'post processing' action, you will start to see the acess logs renamed to xxxx.done files.
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