How do I back up my configuration?
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How do I back up my configuration?


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The configuration file, config.ldi, is stored in flash memory in the CFG directory. This file contains the traffic tree configuration, including all classes, class IDs, partitions, policies, host lists, and events. Config.ldi also contains all sharable configuration settings such as passwords, site router, SNMP, email, SNTP, and Syslog. 


Backing Up the Configuration File

To transfer files from the PacketShaper unit to a local hard drive:

  1. At your workstation’s command line (e.g., MS-DOS prompt), create a directory where the backup files will be stored.
  2. Go to the newly created directory and enter: ftp ipaddress where ipaddress is the unit's address (for example, ftp

    When you press Enter, the screen messages indicate that the connection has been made and that the server is ready.
  3. For user name, type touch or admin.
  4. Enter the unit's touch password.
  5. To go to the flash drive directory where the configuration files are stored, type: cd cfg
  6. To transfer the config.ldi file from the unit to your local drive, enter:

    ascii (to go into ASCII mode)
    get config.ldi (to copy the file)

For information on restoring configuration files, see How do I restore my configuration?