How do I archive and restore the Director configuration (including overlays, jobs and profiles)?
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How do I archive and restore the Director configuration (including overlays, jobs and profiles)?


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Note: To archive and restore the configuration of your Blue Coat Director on the same Director or to another Blue Coat Director, you must be in configuration mode (config-t) to execute the following commands.

To create and view the archive key:
1.   Create the archive key. In the Command Line Interface (CLI), enter:
#(config)archive generate key <keyname>
2.   View and save your archive key:
#(config)show archive key <keyname>

You are prompted to enter a pass phrase to encrypt the archive.   
  1. Enter the pass phrase and write it down for safekeeping.
  2. Copy entire key pair (including all beginning and ending tags such as -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY----- and -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----) and paste it into a text editor. Retain this for safekeeping.

To generate the archive:

  1. Generate the Director configuration archive.

#(config)archive all create <archive name> key  <keyname>

             Note: To determine the filename or to get a list of all the archives, enter the command archive all upload ? and press the ENTER key.
  1.  Upload your archived configuration to an external server.  You can use HTTP or FTP or SCP.  The following example uses an FTP server.
#(config)archive all upload <archive name> ftp://<ip or name-of-ftp-server>/ username <username> password <password>
Note: Archives should be verified to make sure you have a good archive.  A test restore is the best thing if you are going to upgrade and clear out the configuration on the Director appliance.
To restore an archive:
  1. Fetch the archive file from the external server:
#(config)archive all fetch <archive name> ftp://<ftpserver>/<filename> username <username> password <password>
  1. Insert the archive key to have it available when you start the restore:

#(config)archive input key <keyname> show

  1. Enter the private key (including all beginning and ending tags such as -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----- and -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----). Do not enter the public key.
  2. When finished, press and hold CTRL + D.
  3. Enter the pass phrase you used when generating the archive key.
  4. Restore the archive with the key that was used to encrypted it when generating the archive:

#(config)archive all restore <archive name> key <keyname>

  1. Reboot Director so that the restored configuration is the running configuration; run command <reload>
At this point you have finished restoring your archived Director files.