How do I automate measurement data dumps from PacketWise?
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How do I automate measurement data dumps from PacketWise?


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PacketWise allows you to schedule dumps of historical data to a text file for analysis on third party applications like MS Excel. You can collect data within a certain time interval (hour, day, week, or month) at any time of the day and save it in a text file.

This file can then by FTPed from the unit's hard drive to an FTP server.


First, use PacketWise's File Browser to create a command file. (See Create a Command File in PacketGuide.) This file will issue two commands:

  • The measure dump command to create a text file of PacketWise measurement data
  • The ftpput command to FTP the file from the PacketShaper hard drive to an FTP server

For example:

measure dump class inbound/http by time 12h 5m to 9.258/daily.out avg-bps
ftpput [email protected] 9.258/daily.out daily.out

Next, you schedule this command file to run on the desired date and time of day. For details, see Create a Schedule in PacketGuide.