How do I apply policy only to guest-authenticated users?
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How do I apply policy only to guest-authenticated users?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


You have set up guest authentication and would like to configure policies that only affect guest users. 

(For more information on configuring Guest Authentication, please review 000008712)

You can restrict policy to guest users by utilizing the predefined source object of 'Guest User'.

The optimal way to use this object is as a layer guard. This will make sure that only requests from users who have authenticated as guest users will be subjected to the policies in that layer. All other authenticated (and non-authenticated) access requests would bypass the layer altogether. By using a layer guard, you are reducing the cpu required to process every transaction that the proxy evaluates by reducing the number of unnecessary policies being evaluated.

To create a layer guard:

1. Launch the VPM, select the layer you will use for the Guest User policies and go to Edit > Add Layer Guard.

2. Now that the layer guard is created, right click on the source column, choose Set, and select the predefined object Guest User.