Verify ICAP Health-Check and connection status on EdgeSWG (ProxySG)
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Verify ICAP Health-Check and connection status on EdgeSWG (ProxySG)


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


You want to check on ICAP health status.


To view Health-Check information for ICAP services, go to proxy's advance URL:


Example ouput
External Services

 icap.icap_dlp    Enabled      OK      UP
    Last status: Success.
    Successes (total): 16      (last): Mon, 05 Jun 2023 13:25:05 GMT     (consecutive): 16
    Failures  (total): 0      (last): Never      (consecutive): 0      (external): 0
    Last response time: 140 ms      Average response time: 336 ms
    Minimum response time: 127 ms      Maximum response time: 3136 ms

Note: if the Number of failures is relatively high and the last Failure date/time is relatively recent, this could indicate a connectivity issue or other problem with the ICAP service.


To view information on Current and Queued Connections for an ICAP service, go to proxy's advance URL:


Example ouput

OPP-Entity: icap_dlp

Entity Name        icap_dlp
Total Requests        0
Communication errors    0
Fail open due to resource overload    0
Max connections        25
Current connections    0
Current transactions    0
Queued actions        0
Max queued actions    0
Current plain connections    0
Current secure connections    0
Current deferred connections    0
Current deferrable connections    0
Current waiting conns        0
Current mirror transactions    0
Total deferred transactions    0
Total termination(too many)    0
Total termination(release)    0
Total termination(idle)        0
Total aborted transactions    0
Current mirror workers        0
Total queued actions        0
Total aborted transactions by client    0
Total aborted transactions by server    0
No contents                0
Replacements                0



A high queued-actions (current) indicates that the ICAP servers being overloaded.  High values in queued-actions is one of the cause of slow browsing.   

max-queued-actions is the highest watermark recorded by proxy.  max-queued-actions values are often historical values but could also be current  if you are seeing queued-actions = max-queued-actions.