How can I show a notify page for blocked web mail?
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How can I show a notify page for blocked web mail?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


I would like a notification page to appear to the user when web mail (such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail) get blocked. Currently, these web mail applications are returning 301 redirection to its own login page (,, etc.). Therefore, the user notify page cannot be shown upon blocked/denied because there isn't a "200 OK" return from the origin content server. 



The workaround is to redirect the user request to an internally hosted web page containing "Access blocked/denied Notification."

1) Create a Notification page (hosted at corporate internal server) with the following URLs as examples:

b) http://<serverIP/denied_notification.html

2) In the ProxySG Visual Policy Manager (VPM), create or edit the Web Access Layer, and do the following:

Create a rule above the last ALLOW or DENY rule.
Destination: BCWF Category "Email"
Action > Set > New > Return Redirect
Response code: select "301"
URL ""

3. Install the policy.

Note: This workaround will work only with a Blocked or Denied web email notify page. It is will not work on an ALLOW web email notify page.