How can I redirect a web page?
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How can I redirect a web page?


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If you want to redirect requests for a web page to another page, you create a class for the URL you want to redirect and then create a never-admit policy on this class.



The following instructions assume that the Internet router is connected to the Outside interface of the PacketShaper/AppVantage unit.

Some installations will result in Inbound/Outbound and Inside/Outside reversals.

First, create a class on the specific URL you want to redirect. This class should have the following specifications:

Protocol Type = IP
Service = HTTP (Web)
Location = Outside
Criterion = choose Host DNS Name or IP Address and enter the host name or address (for example:

For step-by-step instructions on creating a web class, see Create Web Classes in PacketGuide.

To make sure you set up this class correctly, go to the web site that you entered as the Criterion. The PC must be located on the inside interface of the unit for this to work. Then, go to the PacketWise Monitor Traffic page and look at the Class Hits column for the class. You will see class hits on the newly created class if the class was created correctly.

To redirect the web page, you must create a never-admit policy. For details, see Set a Never-Admit Policy in PacketGuide. Select web-redirect and enter the full URL path you want to redirect to (for example,