How to allow Twitter for one page on the ProxySG
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How to allow Twitter for one page on the ProxySG


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


How can you deny limit Twitter access to only one page?


VPM Instructions

Specify the following rules in VPM:

1)      Allow the full path to that user in the format and NOT in the twitter/#!/USERNAME format. (twitter/#!/USERNAME is what shows in the address bar and is not processed by the proxy.) Substitute USERNAME with the name of the profile you want to allow. You might want to Allow in this rule also.
2)      Deny access to a combined object: AND (users OR search).
3)      Allow
4)      Allow referred by
Limitations of this solution:
  • This technique has worked with some customers but didn’t work for others.
  • When a Twitter page is denied, it doesn’t show an error. It just shows a blank Twitter page.
CPL Instructions

Given profile name is myProfile123

        url.domain="" Allow     ; Rule 1- this allows the specific profile
        condition=OtherTwitterProfiles Deny   ; Rule 2 this denies all other twitter profiles
        url.domain="" Allow ; Rule 3 - This allows you to download the eeded scripts from the main twitter page. they are needed to make te profile work
        request.header.Referer="" Allow ; Rule4 - allows other back ends referred to by twitter.

define condition OtherTwitterProfiles condition=twitterSub

define condition twitterSub
;url.regext=any other string that twitter might use in the future