How can I disable an exception page on the ProxySG appliance?
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How can I disable an exception page on the ProxySG appliance?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


If you would like to disable a specific exception page, for example on a TCP Timeout or DNS Failure, on the ProxySG appliance and return the Web browser error page to the client,  edit or append the CPL <exception> layer with terminate_connection() property iin the local policy file as shown  below.

The "" refers to the exception page that the ProxySG serves when an exception occurs. The property "terminate_connection(yes)" instructs the ProxySG to terminate the connection and allow the client to serve the browser error page instead of serving the exception response from the ProxySG.

To view a list of all the exception pages on the ProxySG:

1. Launch the ProxySG Management Console

2. Go to  Configuration > Policy > Exceptions. 

2. Under View Exceptions , Select Current Exceptions > View.  This will display all the exception pages.


To install the CPL for disabling the exception page:

1. Launch the ProxySG Management Console, and go to Configuration > Policy > Policy Files

2. Go to Install Policy, and from the Install Local File from: drop-down menu, select Text Editor.

3. Click Install.  A pop-up window displays.

4. Copy and paste the following CPL:

<Exception> terminate_connection(yes) terminate_connection(yes) terminate_connection(yes)            (NOTE: No access denied pages will be shown) terminate_connection(yes) terminate_connection(yes)

5. Click Install. A message displays to confirm successful installation of the policy.

6. Click Close to exit.