Issues with autofs mounts on Linux
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Issues with autofs mounts on Linux


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Workload Automation Agent


Does the agent on a Linux server attempt an ls first or just try to switch to the directory for wobtrigs?


Release: WKLASE99000-11.3-Workload Automation-Agent SE


File triggers do not try to run an “ls” or to try to change to the directory. Instead, they walk the path, getting the list of files/directories in each part of the path and gather only those pieces that match.  

Note: There are timeouts involved with autofs mounts. You might review the information provided in, which discusses a --ghost option for use with autofs mounts. The --ghost option pertains to Red Hat distributions. You will want to research this further for other Linux distributions such as Suse. If for some reason, you are encountering issues where the filesystem becomes unavailable; perhaps due to a NAS outage, then you may want to consider the following: 

To get through a 2 minute NAS outage add the statements below to the agentparm.txt. This will retry every 30 seconds up to 4 times. I would not go more than 2 minutes total time. If it is still not available after 2 minutes it will go into “SCAN FAILED”. 

filemonplugin.scan.retries=4                        (default is 1) 

filemonplugin.scan.retries.sleep=30000      (30 Seconds)