FTP support on the ProxySG appliance
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FTP support on the ProxySG appliance


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


This document provides an overview of FTP support for SGOS 6.5.

    The ProxySG appliance supports two FTP modes:
    1. Native FTP, where the client connects through the FTP proxy, either explicitly or transparently.
    2. Web FTP, where the client uses an explicit HTTP connection. Web FTP is used when a client connects in explicit mode using HTTP and accesses an ftp:// URL. The ProxySG appliance translates the HTTP request into an FTP request for the origin content server (OCS), if the content is not already cached, and then translates the FTP response with the file contents into an HTTP response for the client.
      Neither proxy authentication for transparent FTP nor proxy chaining are supported with the Checkpoint syntax. See the Additional Information section in this document.

      When native FTP traffic from an FTP client (such as WSFtp) is being authenticated by the ProxySG appliance using the Raptor syntax (eee the Additional Information section in this document), the recommended authentication mode is auto or proxy.

      For more information on FTP Support, see KB article 000013727.

      For information about SFTP and FTPS support, see KB article 000011990.