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Is there any limitation for the history dataset size?


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Is there any kind of limitation on the size of the history dataset? The current dataset(HSTACCTG) dataset has allocated 4.2 trks. User wants to bump it to 10 million+. Will INSIGHT be able to handle such large file with out my performance degradation or any other issues ? Is there an option to compress INSIGHT data ?


Component: CIDB


Insight can handle a 8TB(10 millions tracks) dataset fine without any performance degradation.  The following information is taken from the Insight Guide:


Specifies whether to compress the records that are written to the history data sets. CA SYSVIEW for DB2 uses hardware compression to compress history records, which generate little CPU overhead. The option can be turned on and off without reallocating the ACCT and STAT files. 

These files can have both uncompressed and compressed records mixed in the same file. 

Default: YES