Facebook web application controls - What control regulates what?
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Facebook web application controls - What control regulates what?


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How do I block messages in Facebook using the Threatpulse service?
How do I block chat?
How do I block comments on photos, statuses and so forth within Facebook?


The blocking action names within the Web Application for Facebook may not appear to align with Facebook and the things that can be blocked and allowed.  This document will help clarify what web application actions for Facebook do what within the Threatpulse service and how they correlate with Facebook.

To start, please refer to web application operations and definitions found at http://sitereview.bluecoat.com/operations.jsp .  This will be the basis for understanding how the web application controls work with regards to Facebook.


If you want block comments to photos and comments to other users' comments, then block the "Post Messages" action within the Facebook Web Application control.  This is because posting messages or comments is a global action within Facebook.  However, the "Post Messages" action does not control chat or private messages within the Facebook application.

If you want to block messages or instant messages/chat, then block "Send Email", "Chat/Instant Messaging", and "Email" actions.  The Chat/Instant Messaging portion is blocked by categorization (see http://sitereview.bluecoat.com/catdesc.jsp for full details).  Because messages are private, within the context of web application control, they are considered email, thus the email application classifications for the web application controls.