Failed to upgrade from SGOS 5 to SGOS 6.
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Failed to upgrade from SGOS 5 to SGOS 6.


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


Attempting to upgrade from some SGOS version 5 to SGOS version 6 fails even if the correct upgrade path is followed.
In the Graphical User Interface (GUI), a message that there was 1 error and 0 warnings is displayed.


This can be related to some configuration that was allowed to be used in SGOS Version 5 though it is deprecated in SGOS version 6. One of the most common causes of this is the usage of patience_page(no) policy in Local Policy which was included as a part of ProxyAV integration best practice though deprecated in SGOS 6.

In such situations, to get more information about the cause of the upgrade failure, a Command Line Interface (CLI) upgrade can be conducted using the below commands:

#(config) upgrade-path <Network path to download system software>
#(config) load upgrade
After the SGOS version is completely downloaded, this error message will appear:
Unpacking downloaded file.......
% WARNING: The installed policy contains deprecation warnings.
% Please fix these warnings prior to upgrading to the next major release,
% or use load upgrade ignore-warnings at your own risk. Upgrading to the
% next major release with deprecation warnings will cause the policy
% compilation to fail on boot
This is applying on Patience_page(no) policy or any other deprecated policy that is installed on this SGOS.
Removing these deprecated policies and attempting to upgrade the SGOS again should make it complete successfully, or issue the command to upgrade while ignoring warning(s):
#(config) load upgrade ignore-warnings
This will make the ProxySG ignore these warnings, but after upgrading SGOS 6 and applying any policy, the policy will fail with error, until the deprecated policy is removed.