Find out how long a report took to run in Reporter.
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Find out how long a report took to run in Reporter.


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During the course of using or troubleshooting Reporter, you might need to find out how long reports take to run. You might also be asked by Blue Coat customer support to provide a general idea of typical report generation times.


Reporter logs exactly how long (seconds) each report took to generate. This information is not exposed in the Reporter user interface, but it is in the "bcreporter.out" log file.

  • Navigate to the journal log folder - the default location is C:\Program Files\Blue Coat Reporter 9\ in Windows and /opt/bc/reporter/ in Linux.
  • From a text editor, open the bcreporter.out log file and scroll to the end of the file.
  • Search backwards for the string: Report run by.
  • The log entries contain the report name after reportName= and the amount of time the report took to generate after gentime=, as highlighted below.
<134>1 2013-12-13T15:28:56.0Z bcrepsrv01 Reporter 8063 RPT001 [reportName="Site ( 589959 )" database="Test Database ( database_6f0b51001c7911e3959af3af05c81381 )" 
action="1" format="1" source="0" type="1" numCols="12" rows="0" requested="20131213152856" gentime="56" columns="16"] Report run by User admin ( user_admin )

In this example, see that a Site report took 56 seconds to generate.