Error: "status:bad" is displayed in SGOS when viewing appliance details and logs
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Error: "status:bad" is displayed in SGOS when viewing appliance details and logs


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


During initialization of a hard disk drive (HDD), SGOS makes several queries, including a drive readiness check and a request for drive information.
A HDD that fails to respond to these initial queries indicates a failed drive, and will be marked as bad by SGOS.

There are two types of error messages displayed by SGOS for a bad HDD:

  1. status:bad
  2. status:bad (failing)

The following example shows a hard disk drive (HDD) that has failed and is being reported as bad by SGOS:

1. Management Console


Hardware Information
URL_Path /Diagnostics/Hardware/Info
Hardware Information
Number of physical CPUs: 1
Number of cores: 2
CPU frequency: 2600 MHz
Storage: 4 drives
Disk in slot 1: 500 GB SEAGATE  ST3500620SS     , rev:0003 serial:9QM97YSW status:present
Disk in slot 2: 500 GB SEAGATE  ST3500620SS     , rev:0003 serial:9QM97Y6L status:present
Disk in slot 3: 500 GB SEAGATE  ST3500620SS     , rev:0003 serial:9QM97Y6P status:present
Disk in slot 4: 0 GB SEAGATE  ST3500620SS     , rev:0003 serial:9QMBWVSF status:bad
Disk in slot 5: empty

3. Event Log

2013-12-20 19:11:23-00:00UTC  "Health Monitor (CRITICAL): Disk 4 Status is 'error'"  9 6F0102:1   notifier.cpp:112

status:bad (failing)
The error status:bad (failing) indicates that a drive has failed and has experienced a SMART trip.
This kind of error could occur if a drive successfully responded to the initialization queries, but failed the first read request.
The incomplete initial read request would cause SGOS to mark the drive as bad, as well as triggering a SMART trip on the drive.

For further details regarding SMART on ProxySG hard disks please see 000009974 - How can I tell if SMART has triggered on a ProxySG hard disk?


In cases where a drive has failed and has been marked as bad by SGOS, please contact Blue Coat Support and initiate the RMA process for a replacement HDD.
For further details about the Blue Coat RMA process please visit