Does installing a permanent license on the ProxySG require a reboot?
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Does installing a permanent license on the ProxySG require a reboot?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


When installing a new or permanent license key on a ProxySG appliance, a restart is not required.  The new license is enabled immediately.

Some models have the same H/W configuration but different connections limits. When you install a new ProxySG appliance, the trial license is installed and that license's connection limits are the same as highest value license. In this case, the value of HTTP_MAIN_0090 (max concurrent connections) are not immediately reflected in the appliance's sysinfo output when the permanent license is installed. To reflect HTTP_MAIN_0090 in sysinfo, a reboot of the unit is required.

Max Connections per License
In the following table, the trial license's HTTP_MAIN_0090 (max concurrent connections) are marked with an asterisk.

When you install a permanent license, HTTP_MAIN_0090 (max concurrent connections) should be 4,500, but a reboot is required to reflect the value of HTTP_MAIN_0090.

Number of CPU coreStorageMax concurrent connection
SG300-521250GB x 1800
SG300-1021250GB x 1*800
SG600-2041500GB x 14,500
SG600-3541500GB x 1*8,000
SG-S200-20821TB x 26,000
SG-S200-30821TB x 2*13,000
SG900-10B822TB x 215,000
SG900-20822TB x 2*21,000