Disable BCAAA logging to Microsoft event viewer
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Disable BCAAA logging to Microsoft event viewer


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I want to disable BCAAA logging to Microsoft event viewer, as it is filling the event viewer with a lot of authentication failure events and it overwrites my important application logs and deletes it.



On the machine where BCAAA is installed go to installation directory --> program files--> bluecoat systems--> bcaaa--> bcaaa.ini and open this file.
You will find the following part of this file:
; The EventLogMask can have the following values:
; -1 = Turn off routine logging (errors during startup will still be logged)
; 0 = Log default events (most of these events are errors)
; The following settings also log all Default events:
; 1 = Log Authentication events (User and Group authentication failures)
; 2 = Log Debug events
; 3 = Log Authentication and Debug events
The default value of EventLogMask is  (1)
Change the value of EventLogMask from “1” to be “-1”, and this shall disable the BCAAA logging to the Microsoft event log viewer, and to make this configuration effective, you will need to restart the BCAAA service on this machine.
To restart this service, on the machine where BCAAA is installed  go to start --> run --> services.msc --> then search for BCAAA service and right click and restart.