Difference in Eventlog Advanced Url list
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Difference in Eventlog Advanced Url list


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Eventlog menu list in Management Console > Statistics > Advanced > Eventlog is showing differently in the Proxies, with same model and same SGOS version.

Customer is having statistical page



This is a setting in Proxy statistics mode, that can be changed by putting in the URL https://proxy-ip:8082/statistics which will show output as below


Use the following links to change the statistics mode:

  • 0 All URLs, obfuscated and text
  • 1 Default mode. Subset of URLs, non-obfuscated and html
  • 2 All URLs, non-obfuscated and html
  • 3 All URLs, obfuscated and html
  • 4 All URLs, non-obfuscated and text


The default statistic mode is 1, Eventlog advanced menu will show as the lower picture. To set up Proxy to show as higher picture, can set statistic mode to 0 or 2.

However, changing in statistics mode will also change the statistic displayed detail such as disk and authentication statistics.