Types of ProxySG Archive Configurations
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Types of ProxySG Archive Configurations


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


This tech articles describes the various types of proxy backup configurations.



Post Setup - Contains the configuration on the current system minus any configurations created through the setup console (such as IP address). It includes installable lists but does not include SSL private key data.

  • Important Note: This is the recommended archive to use if you want to share the configuration with another appliance.

Brief - Contains the configuration on the current system and includes the setup console configuration data but does not include the installable lists or SSL private key data and static route information.

Expanded - This is the most complete archive of the system configuration, but it contains system-specific settings that might not be appropriate if pushed to a new system. It also does not include SSL private key data. 

  • Important Note: Thius is the recommended archive to use for a comprehensive system backup.  It should not be used to transfer a configuration from one device to another.

For more information, refer to Tech242503