Configuring the Telnet console for the ProxySG
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Configuring the Telnet console for the ProxySG


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Configuring the Telnet console via the web interface (https://<ip.address.of.proxysg:/8082 ):

1.)  Go to the Configuration tab > Services > Management Services 
2.)  To create a new Telnet-Console port service, click New; the New Service dialog appears.
   a.)  Give it a name, such as telnet-console
   b.)  From the drop down box, select Telnet Console
   c.)  For listeners, click on New and select the proper IP address, preferably the management IP address
   d.)  Make sure Enabled is checked.
3.)  Click OK until saved.

For SGOS 6.5 and above, please use the following steps:

ProxySG#config t
ProxySG#(config management-services)create telnet-console <name>
ProxySG#(config management-services)edit <name>
ProxySG#(config <name>)add <ip_address> <port> enable

For older versions of SGOS that don't have the management-services subsection, please do the following

Configuring the telnet console via the command line interface (CLI):

Proxy#config terminal
Proxy#(config) services
Proxy#(config services) telnet-console
Proxy#(config services telnet-console) create ip_address:port