Configuring overlays/jobs on Director to upload data from multiple ProxySGs
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Configuring overlays/jobs on Director to upload data from multiple ProxySGs


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Director ProxySG Software - SGOS


You want to save time in data collection/sending information from multiple ProxySGs.

This is useful for ADN cases where to upload the data, you must log in to multiple units and select the relevant data to send (which may include custom snapshots) and also particularly when the links are slow and loading the GUI would take a long time.

Prerequisite: Must have Director



For Director, there are basically 2 parts,

A. Creating a CLI overlay and

B. Using the overlay in a job.


Launch the Director client Java application

A. Create an overlay
1. Go to "Configure"
2. Under the right-most pane, "Configuration Library", "Show Overlays" and click "New"
3. A "Create New Overlay" window will pop-up
4. Name the overlay with something descriptive such as "CLI_send_SR_data"
5. Leave the "When fetching refreshables" as it is
6. In the "Add to Overlay" section, choose "Using CLI" add the following:

send X-XXXXXXXXX Event_log System_information Packet_capture

7. Click OK to Save the overlay


B. Create a job
1. Go to "Jobs"
2. Under the right-most pane, "Jobs Library", "Show Config Jobs" and click "New" > New Job > Config
3. A "Create a New Job" window will pop-up
4. Name the Job under "Properties"
5. Go to the "Actions" tab
6. Select "New" and the default "Abort on Errors" Action will be created
7. Edit it, choose "Push Overlay" and select the overlay created previously (above)
8. Add ProxySGs under the "Select Target Device(s)". You can add as many ProxySGs as you like here - it may be easier to do it one by one though.
9. You should see something like "Push Overlay CLI_send_SR_data on Device mySG [1234567890]" in the box just below it
10. Click "Apply" and "OK" to save the job

You can now use the job to send information to an SR ticket. In particular, this overlay (in the job) will send Event_log, System_information and Packet_capture file to the ticket X-XXXXXXXXX.

Other information that can be sent can be seen using CLI on the ProxySG#(config) under: diagnostics > "service-info" > "view available".

The key here is to use the CLI to explore ways to automate the data sending using Director which can also report the success/failure of the job

ProxySG#(config service-info)view available Service information that can be sent to Blue Coat

Name                                    Approx Size (bytes)
Event_log                               720,896
Context_Fri_Apr_22_2_2_32_UTC           157,949,952
Context_latest                          156,803,072
Packet_capture                          3,957,906
System_information                      Unknown
Snapshot_sysinfo                        Unknown
Snapshot_bcwf                           Unknown
Snapshot_sysinfo_stats                  Unknown