Syncing Tasks/Features between Rally and Clarity
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Syncing Tasks/Features between Rally and Clarity


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Clarity PPM On Premise


How do you sync tasks / features (or Epics) between Agile Central and Clarity?


Release: All Supported Releases

Component: Clarity Rally Integration


To sync a feature from Agile Central to Clarity:

Create the feature as a child portfolio item in the Iteration in Agile Central:

  1. Go to the Iteration in Agile Central
  2. Click on the Children tab 
  3. Create the new feature and click Add 
  4. Run the Synchronize Agile Central Job

The feature will then be created as a task on the Tasks tab of the project in Clarity.

To sync tasks from Clarity to Agile Central:

  1. Navigate to the Tasks tab for the project in Clarity
  2. Click New to create the new task (Make sure the task is marked as Synchronize)
  3. Run the Synchronize Agile Central Job
  4. The task will then then be created in Agile Central as a child portfolio item for the Iteration.

From the Modern User Experience, you can also add the Synchronize column to the task grid and check the check box there instead. 

Ensure the project is also flagged for Synchronization: 

Note: Also make sure that the projects in Clarity have the Synchronize check box checked. If not, this can cause new Features/tasks to not be synced since the project is no longer synchronized to Rally. To check for this issue/update impacted projects:

  1. In the Project list page, add the Synchronize field to the column list with “Allow Editing” checked for the attribute (if unchecked by default)
  2. In List Column Section->Options, also change Rows per page from 20 to 50 to be able to update more projects at one time if needed
  3. Add both the attribute Synchronize and Last Sync Date to the Project List filter view, and then filtered on Synchronize of “No” with Last Sync Date of impacted date 
  4. Change the Synchronize value to Yes for the applicable projects on the list. 
  5. Save Changes

Additional Information

Reference: Associate Clarity Projects with Rally and Synchronize Data