Cloud Web Security log file retention policy and expiration
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Cloud Web Security log file retention policy and expiration


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


Received a report data expiration notice
When will my logs expire?
How do I download my log files?
Is there a way to automate the download of the expired log files?
What about my hosted reporting data?  When does it expire?


If you have the Web Security product, after the 3.0 Cloud upgrade that happened on March 29, 2012, if you are a production Cloud customer you should have received the following email notification from [email protected]:


We're writing to let you know that your reporting data from Web Security will start to expire seven (7) days from receipt of this email.  Your current entitlement allows you 100 days' worth of reporting data and 100 days' worth of log data.

After 2012-Apr-06 12:00:01 UTC, data older than 100 days will be automatically expired and irreversibly deleted on a daily basis.

Should you wish to save your logs off, please do so at this link:

You will NOT receive additional notifications of these expirations.

Thank you,
Blue Coat ThreatPulse Security Service



To download the log files, go to and go to Service > Reporting > Log Download.  The portal will show the oldest ten (10) log files.  You can put a check or tick mark next to "Files (Dates in UTC)" and download all ten files at once.  At the bottom left portion of the screen, you can move forward one page and then download the next 10 log files in the list.


Currently there is not a way to automate log file downloads.  For a procedure, initially you can download all log files available to you, up to the last month.  Moving forward, at the beginning of each month, you can then download the previous month's worth of data.


The expiration time frame for hosted reporting is one year instead of 100 days.