(Cloud) How to map a Windows share to a Mac for Windows SSO authentication
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(Cloud) How to map a Windows share to a Mac for Windows SSO authentication


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My Mac users show up as unauthenticated user.  How do I solve that problem?
How can I get BCCA to see the Mac on the network?
What are my options?


There are several options that you can use to show your Mac users as authenticated users

Option #1:  Use the Unified Agent for Mac.  This is available from https://portal.threatpulse.com > ServiceNetworkMobility.  If you client sits on a protected network, this is not an option as the unified agent will go passive.  Please see option #2 below.

Option #2:  Map a drive to a share on a Windows domain controller.

BCCA when running in domain query mode will only pick up an authentication from a Mac when mapping a drive to a domain controller.  If you map a drive to a member server, BCCA will not see that event.  The following steps were done against a Windows 2008 server and Mac mini running OS X 10.8.5.  The steps may vary depending on the version of Mac OS you are running.  This article assumes you already know how to create a Windows share.

1.)  Create a read-only share on your Windows domain controller.  Make sure the share is accessible to the Everyone group.  This share does not need to contain any files.
2.)  Login to your Mac
3.)  Open Finder
   a.)  From the Go menu, go to Connect to Server
   b.)  For the server address, do the following:
      i.)  smb://<ip.address.of.server>/share-name   or...
      ii.)  smb://<name.of.server>/share-name    (the server name must be resolvable)
      iii.)  (Please note the share name may be case sensitive.)
      iv.)  Enter your domain credentials (Windows domain username and password)
      v.)  The drive should now be mapped.
4.)  Open System Preferences
   a.)  System | Users & Groups
   b.)  Click on the padlock and enter the administrator credentials to unlock these settings.
   c.)  Click on the Login Items
   d.)  Click on the "+" (plus) button
   e.)  On the left, under Shared, click on the drive that was just mapped.
   f.)  Click on the share that you mapped to and then click on Add.
   g.)  This will be added to your Login Items when you login.
5.)  Log off and then Login.  When you login, you will be prompted for your password.  Enter your password and put a check next to Remember this password in my keychain.

NOTE:  As your domain credentials change, you will need to modify your share Windows share password stored in your keychain.