Download access logs from WSS using Reporter
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Download access logs from WSS using Reporter


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


Automatically download access logs from the Symantec Web Security Service (WSS)


You can use Reporter to download your access logs from WSS or set up Reporter to process log files.

Note: The Reporter downloads all available log files the first time it logs into the portal; Reporter downloads only new log files after the original log.  

  1. Download and install Reporter Enterprise onto a supported operating system.
  2. Log in to ThreatPulse, and go to Account Configuration > Administrators & Access ControlAPI Credentials
  3. Click Add API Credential
  4. A username and password will be generated for you.  Please copy and save this information.  Make sure you put a check mark next to Reporting Access Logs and click on Save.  (NOTE:  This password will only be displayed once.  If you loose your username and password, you will need to generate a new username and password.)
  5. Log in to the Reporter Server, and navigate to General Settings > Data SettingsCloud Download.
  6. Check Enable Cloud Download, and fill in the following:
    • Destination Directory: The directory where your log files are stored.
    • Schedule: The minimum time interval is hourly.
    • Cloud API Username: Enter the user that was generated in step four.
    • Cloud API Password: Enter the password that was generated in step four.
  7. Click Test Username and Password.
  8. Click Save.