Cold Standby Units - Licensing and Customer Services FAQ
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Cold Standby Units - Licensing and Customer Services FAQ


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What is a Cold Standby unit?
A unit purchased at a reduced price, shipped without licenses, and not used until called into production when a unit in a ‘live environment’ fails.
A unit which has gone through the RMA process.

Will I get a license with a Cold Standby unit?
If a unit is purchased as a Cold Standby unit licenses will not be issued.  Licenses will only be transferred to a Cold Standby unit when a ‘live’ unit fails or as a result of an RMA process.

Will the description ‘Cold Standby’ affect the working of the unit?
No.  The 'cold standby' description will not influence the productivity or functionality of the units today or in the future.

For units which have gone through the RMA process Blue Coat marks all hardware units with the description - Cold Standby.