Clearing a Measurement Error
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Clearing a Measurement Error


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Example:  "Class Day" measurement sub-group has an error.

PacketShaper# measure show
Measurement engine is running

class month     Interval:1h Samples: 1523712/ 1523712 
link day        Interval:1m Samples:   20160/   20160
link month      Interval:1h Samples:    8928/    8928
partition day   Interval:1m Samples: 1474560/ 1474560
class day       Interval:1m Samples: 2949120/ 2949120 Error "0x10090001" ..........
partition month Interval:1h Samples:  761856/  761856


If you issue the measure reset  class command, the whole class group including Class Month data will be cleared.


Follow the steps below to clear the corrupted Class Day data without affecting the Class Month measurement data.

1. Delete the CL_day.dat from 9.258/measure/ directory manually,

# rm 9.258/measure/CL_DAY.DAT
# rm 9.258/measure/CL_Day.HDR

2. Restart the PacketShaper,

# reset

You can also delete these files using the File Browser in the Web interface. Then reset the PacketShaper. The CL_Day file will be automatically recreated.

Note: The ME class group is a separate entity from link, partition, and host groups.