Classifying by URL categories in PacketShaper
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Classifying by URL categories in PacketShaper


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Starting with PacketWise v8.6, PacketShaper can classify by URL categories.

Note: Do not confuse this feature with HTTP URL criteria classification, which allows you to create classes based on specific URLs.


Web URLs can be grouped into various categories, such as social networking, gambling, pornography, news media, and shopping. PacketShaper is able to analyze URLs that users are requesting, determine what category the website belongs to, and classify the traffic into the appropriate category class. This gives you granular visibility into the type of web traffic on your network. You can also use PacketShaper’s control capabilities to assign policies based on the category. For example, you can assign a never-admit policy to all the category classes with adult content.

URL categorization is not enabled by default. To enable this feature, go to the Setup tab in the Advanced UI and select the WebPulse page.

For more information, see PacketGuide:

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