How to update the WSS Agent (WSSA) uninstall token
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How to update the WSS Agent (WSSA) uninstall token


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If the WSS admin has set an uninstall token for the WSS Agent (WSSA) clients, then users cannot uninstall WSSA without entering that token.

WSSA clients receive their token value when they initially connect to the WSS service. 

For example, when a user clicks the "RECONNECT" button in the WSS Agent Status page (from the tray icon), or when a machine reboots.

If the WSS admin changes the uninstall token in the WSS Portal, then the WSSA client will need to reconnect to WSS to get the new token. 

NOTE: WSSA clients in Passive mode or a Failed state will not get the new token until the next time that the WSSA client successfully connects to the WSS service.


To update the WSSA uninstall token, login to the WSS Portal and go to: 

->WSS Agent
->End User Permissions (section)
->Require token to uninstall agent


Additional Information

To uninstall the WSSA client once a token has been set, you would use the following syntax: 


C:\> msiexec /uninstall "WinWSSAgentInstaller64-" UNINSTALL_TOKEN=password


For more details, see: Uninstall WSS Agent (WSSA) using the command-line when an uninstall token has been set