Can you upgrade the SSLV from the command line?
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Can you upgrade the SSLV from the command line?


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SV-3800 SV-2800 SV-1800


Starting with software version 3.7 there are commands available to upgrade the SSLV appliance from the CLI. Please note that access to an SCP utility is required.

1. SSH into the SSLV appliance and run the commands.

sysadmin> update ?
update status
update reset

sysadmin> update status
Ready to accept update files
Updates files may be uploaded using scp
Linux/Mac: scp <update-file-name> <user>@<appliance>:update
Windows: pscp.exe -scp <update-file-name> <user>@<appliance>:update

2. From a Linux or Windows machine SCP the file to the SSLV

Linux/Mac: scp /SSLVA/Upgrades/3.7/sslv-3.7.1-71-bluecoat.patch [email protected]:update

Windows: pscp.exe -scp C:\SSLVA\Upgrades\3.7\sslv-3.7.1-71-bluecoat.patch [email protected]:update

3. From the SSLV verify the upload was successful and reboot

sysadmin> update status
The patch update file 'sslv-3.7.1-71-bluecoat.patch' will be applied on reboot

sysadmin> platform reboot
Reboot appliance? (enter 'yes' to confirm): yes