Cannot enable watch mode due to enhanced or migration Xpress tunneling mode being enabled
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Cannot enable watch mode due to enhanced or migration Xpress tunneling mode being enabled


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When trying to enable watch (monitor-only) mode on the PacketShaper with the command "set shaping watch" you may receive the following error message:

Shaping state watch requires that the unit not be in migration or enhanced tunneling mode.
Disable enhanced tunneling using "tunnel mode set legacy" or select a different shaping mode.

Furthermore, the "watch" option is not available in the PacketShaper setup page.

This error may occur even if the PacketShaper does not currently have an acceleration or compression license.


If your PacketShaper is licensed for acceleration and compression, watch mode can only be enabled if the appliance is in legacy tunnel mode. 

If the unit is in migration or enhanced mode, you must set the PacketShaper to legacy mode before you enable watch mode.

Here are the steps to change the tunnel mode in the PacketShaper legacy UI:

  • Click on the Xpress tab and then Global Tunnel Settings.
  • At the bottom of the page, choose the Legacy mode under Tunnel Mode.
  • Click OK to save the setting to the PacketShaper.

Once this is done, you can enable watch mode by going to the Setup tab and choosing Watch from the Shaping drop down.

Or, from the CLI, you can use the command tunnel mode set legacy to change the tunnel mode. Then use set shaping watch to enable watch mode.


It's possible your PacketShaper is not licensed for compression and acceleration but the error still comes up.

You will need temporary compression and acceleration keys installed so the tunnel mode can be switched to legacy.

In this case, please contact Blue Coat Customer Support and reference this knowledge base article.