Allow embedded videos based on the category of main URL destination
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Allow embedded videos based on the category of main URL destination


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You might want to allow embedded video based on the main destination that you access if, for example, audio/video is blocked in policy but you want to allow all videos on the specific URL. Copy and paste one of the following policies to the local policy file.

Note: The following examples of policy should work for HTTP traffic. For HTTPS traffic, you must enable SSL interception.

Policy sample: Allow all audio/video with the specified categories

<Proxy> request.header.Referer.url.category=(Business/Economy, "Financial Services", Government/Legal)
url.category="Audio/Video Clips"  Allow

Additional Notes

  • Replace these categories (Business/Economy, "Financial Services", Government/Legal) with the appropriate categories for your requirements.  
  • The DENY statement for audio and video category is not force DENY in the policy; this policy does not work if it's FORCE DENY.

Policy sample: Allow specific video types 

condition=MIME-test request.header.Referer.url.category="News/Media" Allow

define condition MIME-test
    response.header.Content-Type="^video/x-sgi-movie( |          )*($|;)"
    response.header.Content-Type="^video/quicktime( |              )*($|;)"
    response.header.Content-Type="^video/ |                )*($|;)"
    response.header.Content-Type="^video/x-flv( |         )*($|;)"
    response.header.Content-Type="^video/x-ivf( |         )*($|;)"
    response.header.Content-Type="^video/x-la-asf( |   )*($|;)"
    response.header.Content-Type="^video/x-ms-asf( |                )*($|;)"
    response.header.Content-Type="^video/x-ms-wm( |              )*($|;)"
    response.header.Content-Type="^video/x-ms-wmv( |            )*($|;)"
    response.header.Content-Type="^video/x-ms-wmx( |            )*($|;)"
    response.header.Content-Type="^video/x-ms-wvx( |              )*($|;)"
    response.header.Content-Type="^video/x-msvideo( |            )*($|;)"
    response.header.Content-Type="^video/mpeg( |      )*($|;)"
    response.header.Content-Type="^audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin( |      )*($|;)"
    response.header.Content-Type="^audio/mp1( |         )*($|;)"
    response.header.Content-Type="^audio/mpeg( |      )*($|;)"
    response.header.Content-Type="^audio/wav( |         )*($|;)"
    response.header.Content-Type="^audio/x-aiff( |       )*($|;)"
    response.header.Content-Type="^audio/x-mpegurl( |             )*($|;)"
    response.header.Content-Type="^audio/x-ms-wax( |              )*($|;)"
    response.header.Content-Type="^audio/x-ms-wma( |            )*($|;)"
    response.header.Content-Type="^audio/x-pn-realaudio( |    )*($|;)"
    response.header.Content-Type="^audio/mid( |          )*($|;)"

Additional Notes

  • Replace this category ("News/Media") with the appropriate categories for your requirements.  
  • You can remove/add any audio/video extension/type to this policy.
  • This policy tells the proxy that if the request header referrer URL of the destination that the user tries to access falls into the defined category, allow the transaction.