Allow iPad access to iTunes and iCloud
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Allow iPad access to iTunes and iCloud


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


When an iPad is on your network, users may have issues accessing iTunes to download apps, as well as access the iCloud


Setup a rule in a Web Access Layer

For the Source  you can leave it set to Any, or the IPs of your iPads, or the username or user-agent, if your iPads have been authenticated.

For the Destination

We need to allow Apples block of IPs, since Apple is a trusted company, allowing their block of IPs should not open any security issues. When requests for iCloud are made, requests are also sent to the Amazon Cloud, so need to allow that subnet as well.

Add the follow to the Destination:

Apples block of IPS--

Amazon Cloud--

Set Action to Allow.

Install Policy.

Once this is done, iPad users will be able to access iTunes and download apps as well as access iCloud for back-ups/restores.