401 Unauthorized Error in Symantec Web Filter (BCWF) download
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401 Unauthorized Error in Symantec Web Filter (BCWF) download


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  • When attempting to download the BCWF database, you receive a "401 Unauthorized" message.
  • You are unable to see the "Blue Coat" category listing in VPM.
  • How to activate BCWF?


The "401 Unauthorized" error message is usually the result of:

  1. An expired Symantec Web Filter license, or
  2. Web filter licenses haven't been activated, or
  3. An incorrect or mistyped password in Configuration > Content Filtering > Blue Coat Webfilter

Symptoms experienced include the following:

  • Unable to apply policy
  • Unable to see Category lists in your VPM


Possible solutions to mitigate a "401 Unauthorized" error message:

View/Find BCWF Credentials

Ensure that the respective BCWF username and password are correct. The BCWF credentials are available at Broadcom Support Portal

  1. Login into Broadcom Support Portal
  2. Select the division Cyber Security Software(Symantec product)
  3. Select My Entitlements and find your Site id with WebFilter product (If you have access to multiple Site ids)

    Note: By Default the My Entitlements page will show active products only, to view inactive product uncheck the Checkbox

  4. Select the Entitlement Details option & you will find the product details such as Serial Number, Start Date, End Date, Status, Contract Details, Download (If it isn’t a cloud product), Licenses & Cases.
  5. Select the Licenses icon option and a new page/tab will load with Web Filter details

  6. Go under “Credentials” and you will find the details.

Activate BCWF Licenses

  • If error persists, activate the BCWF by following the steps as above and select the Activate option. Once the activation is completed, it might take up to 30 minutes for the subscription to be available to the appliance, then follow the rest of the instructions.

  • If the BCWF credentials are correct but support is expired, contact an authorized Partner to acquire a new license for the Symantec Web Filter (a new Username and Password will be provided at the same time).