ESM / Password strength module fails with "Killed on signal 11"
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ESM / Password strength module fails with "Killed on signal 11"


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Control Compliance Suite Unix


A "Password Strength" module is run on and AIX 6.1 agent and you receive an error.

Error running one or more modules 
Password Strength 
error running module password 
/esm/bin/aix-ppc64/password killed on signal 11 


ESM display version: Enterprise Security Manager 11.0 (11.0.546.10000) 

SU 47

AIX 6.x


Because of some confusion of # of Unicode characters versus # of bytes, it was getting hung up on a long username called xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx which is 21 characters long making 88 bytes with null terminator, but the limit was 20(80)


The fix extended the expected size from 20 to 64 and fixed the character-vs-byte problem so that just in case they ever make a username longer than that the reported username will simply be truncated and won't cause any crash.

ESM_v11.x_4067360_QF  Has been released to address this issue.

Download the attached ZIP file and extract the Readme file. This file contains the full instructions on how to apply this fix.

Following are details regarding Quick fix:

  • Prerequisite: Before you apply the Quick Fix, make sure that you have installed Symantec Enterprise Security Manager 11.1 with SU 47


ESM_v11.x_4067360_QF (1).zip get_app