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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


Using the pu utility to perform an action a remote robot fails with a "communication error" error message.

Running the pu command to a remote machine, will fails with one of these error messages:

C:\CA\UIM\bin>pu -u administrator -p PasswordXXX /W2008R2_domain/W2008R2_hub/WIN-2ECKORD7A85/controller 

Oct 27 16:53:12:473 pu: SSL - init: mode=0, cipher=DEFAULT, context=OK 

Oct 27 16:53:12:474 pu: nimCharsetSet() - charset= _command failed: communication error
Dec 18 14:46:35:625 pu: SSL - init: mode=0, cipher=DEFAULT, context=OK
Dec 18 14:46:35:657 pu: nimLogin request login failed (login failed) _command failed: communication error


UIM 8.51 Robot 7.90 or later


In the command: 


C:\CA\UIM\bin>pu -u administrator -p PasswordXXX /W2008R2_domain/W2008R2_hub/WIN-2ECKORD7A85/controller 

The robot name is case sensitive, after correcting it to Win-2ECKORD7A85, all worked fine

Additional Information

C:\CA\UIM\bin> is the location used however the default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\bin>
-p = the UIM administrator password
The path can be found in the IM console by selecting the target robot and it will be shown as the Address for controller.

If the pu is being run at the local system the path is not needed. 
For example: 
C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\bin>pu -u administrator -p <password for UIM administrator> controller probe_verify cdm