Error: "550-Invalid recipient" after sending email
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Error: "550-Invalid recipient" after sending email


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When sending email to a user on the Symantec Email service, the message is rejected. The sender receives a non-delivery email with a 500 series error code indicating that the recipient is invalid.

<[email protected]>: 550-Invalid recipient <[email protected]>

550 (#5.1.1)




When the Address Registration feature is enabled, allows emails to be delivered only to valid email addresses.

If the recipient email address is not present in the Address Registration list, external emails sent to the address will be rejected with "550-Invalid recipient" error. 



Either manually add the email address in the console, or perform an update using the Schemus Synchronization Tool.

Email addresses should automatically be added in Address Registration when at least one Outbound Email is sent from the email address of a registered domain.

Note: Once the changes have been committed, allow up to one hour for the changes to propagate across the infrastructure.

To enter an address manually

  1. Log in to the console.
  2. Navigate to Services > Email Services > Platform > Address Registration.
  3. Select the required domain from the Summary list or from the domains drop-down list.
  4. Click New Address.
  5. Enter the email address to register.
  6. Click Add. The email address appears in the list of registered addresses.
  7. Wait up to one hour for propagation of the change to be completed.