VIP API resources and troubleshooting information
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VIP API resources and troubleshooting information


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Refer to the following resources when integrating and troubleshooting the VIP APIs with your VIP service.



VIP API Resources

Title Applicable Versions
VIP Documentation All Versions

API Troubleshooting

Title Applicable Versions
If a credential bound to a user is disabled, what error code will the authenticateUser (Authenticate User service) return? All Versions
VIP Web Services with IA | Error: Uncaught ReferenceError: parentDomainToBeTagged is not defined All Versions
VIP Web Services - Error 4E00: Malformed Request All Versions
VIP Webservice Integration with Apache returns error AH1623, 19285 All Versions
Error 4E21 occurs during PollTxnVerification API call All Versions
VIP Web Services | Exception: Error constructing implementation All Versions
Error: "[error=19970] [TokenException responding to GetTokenStatusRequest: Authentication failed.]" when validating a token. All Versions
Error: "49b5" when using a one-time password (OTP) generated by linux version of genotp_time All Versions
Error: "4e03" when submitting a GetNextOTP operation All Versions
What value is sent back in the parameter when the customer uses the GetTokenInformaiton API for Web Services? All Versions
What is the “Id“ attribute in the Sample SOAP XML Register Request for SMS OTP and Voice OTP (p.68 and p.74) in VIPAuthWebServices.pdf? All Versions
IBM Serialization Error: WSWS3037E when generating client with VIP CDK All Versions