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How can I register CIC to Unicenter Patch Management?


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Sometimes we may need to register a CIC installation to Unicenter Patch Management, for example if it was working with an offline CIC before and now it should be changed to online mode.

What steps should be followed to achieve it?

How can I register CIC to Unicenter Patch Management?


Client Automation 12.9 and above.


In order to register CA Patch Manager with CA Client Automation on the Enterprise Server, please run the following steps: 

1) Delete the file util.log under <install-dir>\Program Files\CA\SC\CIC\logs. 

2) Open a Command Prompt window "as Administrator" and change directory to <install-dir>\Program Files\CA\SC\CIC\bin. 

3) Execute the following command: 

    util.bat -r UPM 682DCD15-5C94-4321-842D-E3944D3CA000 PMUPM-00000-00000-00001 ca_itrm_group 

4) CA Patch Manager should register with CIC which enables importing patch content. 

5) Review the new created file util.log under <install-dir>\Program Files\CA\SC\CIC\logs for any errors. 

6) The next CIC execution cycle should import all latest available patch content from the CA Online Content Service.


Additional Information

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