Symantec VIP users not receiving SMS (text) or Voice OTP security code messages
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Symantec VIP users not receiving SMS (text) or Voice OTP security code messages


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VIP Service


SMS text or Voice messages from Symantec VIP are not received by the phone number they are sent to.


For US Customers:

  • Send STOP (case sensitive) to SYMVIP (796847) or to the last number a VIP security code was delivered from. You will receive an unsubscribe message.
  • Reply to the message with START (case sensitive) and you will receive an subscribe message. 

If a user does not receive an SMS, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Is the device powered on? If not, power it on.
  • Open the phone messaging app and try again while the app is active and the screen is unlocked and in focus.
  • Confirm your carrier supports SMS, MMS, or RCS messaging.
  • If multiple users are affected, the VIP Administrator should confirm SMS\Voice is enabled in the account.
  • Confirm that you have signal. If you see a few or no bars, step outside or to another location. 
  • Are you located within a concrete or steel structure? This environment may block or delay incoming SMS signals.
  • Check your network connection. To receive an SMS message, you need a cellular network connection. 
  • Check if airplane mode is turned off.
  • Turn off WiFi to force the device to use mobile data, then vice-versa.
  • Power the device off, wait 30 seconds, then power it back up.
  • Update your messaging app to the latest version available (note: SMS and Voice messages do not use the VIP Access app). 
  • Update your phone operating system to the latest version available. 
  • Is the phone number the security code is being sent to properly formatted? For US-based phone numbers, the format should be country code, area code, and phone number (example:14155552671). International numbers should include country code, area code, and phone number (example: 442071838750)
  • In a number of countries, local dialing may require the addition of a '0' in front of the number. This '0' must usually be removed. For example, this is a UK-based mobile number in standard format 020 7183 8750. The correct format for sending VIP SMS is 442071838750.
  • If the device is connected to the home carrier's network via WiFi (WiFi calling), disconnect and use mobile data. 
  • We cannot guarantee message delivery on devices roaming internationally or off-network.
  • Can the device receive non-VIP SMS messages?
  • Can other devices using the same mobile carrier receive VIP messages?
  • Check the SMS status page for any delays reported by your carrier. You can also check past incidents
  • Check to verify the "+" is not preceding the provided number.
  • VOIP numbers are suspect. Specifically "Twilio phone numbers" may be set to filter out OTP delivery to help prevent fraud.

If you can rule out all of the above issues, the VIP Support team can help investigate. If you are an end-user, please reach out to your helpdesk. If you are a VIP administrator, please contact VIP Support. 

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