SEE client getting "Device Error" after logging in at the PBA with certain SSD devices.
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SEE client getting "Device Error" after logging in at the PBA with certain SSD devices.


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Endpoint Encryption


Install the SEE 11.1.2 client on Dell E7470 with either the Lite-On SSD, Model CX2-8B256-Q11, or the Samsung SSD, Model NVMe PM961. 
Boot the machine after encryption and log in at the PBA. 
The screen will go black and display "Device Error" in the upper left corner. 
After a couple of seconds Windows will load and the computer can be used normally. 
This happens every time the user logs in at the PBA on the E7470 with either of those two SSDs installed.

The same Dell E7470 model of PC does NOT get the "Device Error" message after PBA when it has the Micron 1100 M.2 2280 MTFDDAV256TBN SSD installed. 
All three of the SSDs are M.2 format. 
Dell classifies the Lite-On and Samsung listed above as "Class 40" devices. 
Dell classifies the Micron listed above as a "Class 20" device.

"Device Error" message on a black screen after logging in at the PBA screen.


SEE 11.1.2 client
Dell E7470 
Lite-On SSD; Model: CX2-8B256-Q11
Samsung SSD: NVMe PM961

This has also been seen on the following:

SEE 11.1.1 MP1
Dell XPS13 9350
Samsung PM951 SSD 256GB.

SEE 11.1.1 MP2
Dell Latitude 7275


This has been referred to our Engineering team to determine a cause and fix.
This article will be updated once a fix has been delivered.

We have released SEE 11.1.3 which contains a fix for the Device Error message.
This release can be downloaded from