How to list Devices with Unknown status in Performance Management
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How to list Devices with Unknown status in Performance Management


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Performance Management is integrated with Spectrum. There are some devices in the Performance Management inventory whose Status is Unknown.

How can we get a list of devices whose status is Unknown?


All supported Performance Management releases


The devices whose Status value is Unknown are normally showing this due to lack of successful Discovery via the Data Aggregator.

Performance Management was synchronized the device(s) from another Data Source, maybe Spectrum, NFA or ADA. After that for some reason the Discovery of the device(s) failed. The result is the Data Aggregator isn't able to determine a status for the device(s).


To generate a list of devices in this state that require further investigation run the following MySql command in a terminal on the Performance Center server.

./mysql -unetqos -p <RootPwForMySql> -e "select itemid,itemname,v6_ntoa(address) from netqosportal.t_device where itemid not in (select itemid from netqosportal.dst_device where sourceid in (select sourceid from netqosportal.data_sources2 where consolename like '%Data Aggregator%'));" > /tmp/unknownDevices.out

When requested enter the password for the database. Releases after r3.7.3 require the new complex password set during installation or upgrade.

If needed modify the file output location as needed if /tmp is not usable.

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