Software Update installation folders consuming Client disk space
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Software Update installation folders consuming Client disk space


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


The Client runs Software Update Cycle and fails to install for any reason, and found this generates an InstallationSandboxDate/Time folder for each failure, which is causing unwanted fillup of the Client's disk drive space on the C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Patch directory.


Failed to install Software Update 


Patch Management 7.5.x, 7.6.x and 8.x


The InstallationSandbox folders are generated each time the Software Update Cycle takes place, so if the Software Update fails to install and reruns on the next cycle, it will generate again and again until it successfully installs or reaches the Max Retry Attempts outlined on the Default Software Update Plug-in Policy or is no longer targeted via the Software Update Policy.


This issue was resolved in PMImport v7.2.25 released on 5/4/17.

Resolution is to delete the contents of the sandbox folder following installation attempt, successful or failed, and after the Client has been rebooted if the Software Update installation merits restart required, for the fix provided is not retroactive. 

Then allow the process provided in this PMImport release to automatically clear those files following installation moving forward.