How are user logins and actions logged in DE when a user logins using Web Service (SOAP) application?


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


The CA Workload Automation DE (dSeries) will log all user logins and actions in the Auditlog.  Even if the tracelog is set to essential, the tracelog may not log all the actions, the Auditlog will always capture them.

How are login and actions information kept in auditlog when users connect via Web Service call?


CA Workload Automation DE R12 or R11.3


When a user login from the Desktop Client, the auditlog will show normal login message like this:

Date and TimeCorrelation IdRequest/ResponseUser IDCommand TypeCommand NameCommand/Result
20171101 12:23:15.738cxxxxxxx-a7ec-xxxx-b31d-xxxxxxxxxxxxreqNITINactionwss connectConnect to Workstation
20171101 12:23:17.835axxxxxx-6d5e-xxxx-8bf2-xxxxxxxxxxxxreqNITINapplicationdelete applicationDEMOU_1
20171101 12:23:17.840axxxxxx-6d5e-xxxx-8bf2-xxxxxxxxxxxxrespNITINapplicationdelete applicationStandardResponse[statusMessage=Application DEMOU_1 successfully deleted, statuscompletioncode=SUCCESS, statusmessageid=AMS00005, infomessages=(), payload=null]

The above messages show a user connection and an application being deleted from Desktop Client.

The following messages shows a user 'demou' connects and performs an action using Web Service (SOAP).

20171101 12:23:27.5192xxxxxxx-82f7-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxreqdemouweb servicedelete artifactrequestCorrelationId=2007130423, userId=demou, artifactType=APPLICATION, identifier=DEMOU_1
20171101 12:23:27.519bxxxxxxx-dc1e-xxxx-xxxx-6xxxxxxxreqDEMOUapplicationdelete applicationDEMOU_1