Ghost Console Image Create task reports succeeded however job doesn't run and client reports errors
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Ghost Console Image Create task reports succeeded however job doesn't run and client reports errors


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Ghost Solution Suite


When attempting to capture a ghost image, the Console reports the job successful but the client reports an error almost immediately upon launching Ghost, and no image file is created.

Error 8027: Internal Inconsistency has been detected.

Error 662: Access Denied.

Error 662: Cannot create image file <path to image\imagename.gho>


There may be several causes.

(The Console misreporting the success of the job is being investigated as a separate issue.)

One known issue is due to insufficient permissions to the mapped drive.


To determine a more specific cause from the generic Error 8027, boot the client computer to WinPE and run Ghost manually.  Ghost may report a different error upon failure.

  1. Once issue has been reproduced manually, test that you can see, read and write to the network share.
    • Change to the Mapped Drive:  cd <drive letter>  (e.g. cd N:)
    • See drive:  DIR  (You should see name and contents of the drive)
    • Read from drive:  copy FILE.TXT X:  (you may want to create a small text file on the share instead of trying to copy a large image file)
    • Write to the drive:  copy X:\FILE.TXT N:

      If you receive an Access Denied error during any of the above tasks, then the account used to mapped the drive does not have sufficient permission.  Check the file and share permissions and/or try mapping the drive with an account(Step 5 Of Boot Disk Creator - Create Boot Image,KB 178891) that has sufficient permissions.
  2. If you receive "Error 662: Cannot create image file <path to image\imagename.gho>" check that the path provided is a legitimate path. (This message can also be seen in the Ghosterr.txt file. From the command prompt run: notepad.exe Ghosterr.txt for more detail)
  • With the client in WinPE environment, bring up the command window with the prompt available (M:\>)
  • At the prompt enter:  net use \\servername\sharename
    • "The network name cannot be found" indicates the path is invalid. Check your path and correct as necessary.