Error: "Approve sender/domain failed..." when adding an entry in the quarantine
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Error: "Approve sender/domain failed..." when adding an entry in the quarantine


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A user is unable to add an entry to their approved or blocked senders list in the Symantec Quarantine portal and an error is displayed.

Approve sender/domain failed. Please try again after some time.


Symantec Email Security.Cloud quarantine portal.


The list contains one or more duplicate entry.


The duplicate entries must be removed by an administrator through ClientNet.

You can download a .csv file of a user approved and blocked senders list to review. When you save the list, ensure that it is saved in .csv format (comma-separated values, also known as comma delimited).

To download a list from the portal
  1. Select Services > Email Services > Anti-Spam.

  2. From the domains drop-down list, select the domain that contains the user to apply the list to.

  3. Select the List Management tab.

  4. In the Approved and Blocked Senders Lists area search box, enter the part of the user's email address before the @ character.

  5. Click Display.
    The User Approved and Blocked Senders List is displayed.

  6. Click Download.

    A dialog box may ask you whether to open or save the file.

Review the downloaded list to locate any duplicate entries. Once located, these duplicate entries must be deleted through the ClientNet portal

To find and delete an entry for a user list on ClientNet
  1. Follow the steps 1 through 5 above to display the user list for a particular user.

  2. Enter the domain or email address of the entry in the Domain/Email/IP search field and click search.

  3. Ensure the correct entry is displayed. Check the box of the entry you wish to delete and click Delete.

  4. Repeat until all duplicate entries have been deleted.

Instruct the user to attempt adding a new entry to their approved or blocked senders list through the quarantine portal. Please contact support if the error persists.