Resolving Unresolved Security Risks
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Resolving Unresolved Security Risks


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I have received a notification regarding, "Unresolved Security Risks" from the Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition cloud (SEP SBE).


Log into the SEP SBE management console

  1. On the Home Page you will see a widget on the left hand side with the title, "Endpoint Protection".
  2. Within the widget you will see a summary of threats, choose "Unresolved Security Risks".
  3. Click on the blue number next to, "Unresolved Security Risks".
  4. Next to the , "Unresolved Security Risks" you wish to correct, check the box, then at the top of the page click, "Fix".

After clicking, "Fix" you will receive a message on any further steps that need to be done.

Note: Resolving unresolved security risks may cause the system to reboot.